Summer Set: Pros and Hollywood Guests Throw Down at Nick Cannon’s Volleyball Tournament in Southern California


Everyone loves the beach. And everyone loves a music star or two.

So it was a perfect setting for Oakley’s Sports and Entertainment families to collide at Pop/R&B Star/DJ Nick Cannon’s ‘Ncredible’ Beach Volleyball Tournament in Newport Beach.

Hosted by the Big O and Nick’s own brand, pro beach volleyball players and guests from the show biz world took to the shore to close out the season in massive style mid-August.

Displaying his real love for Oakley, the pop/TV star was decked in the latest O gear, apparel and eyewear – as guests and the socialites from Tinsel Town took in sun and threw down for some lighthearted volleyball action.

Attended by some of Hollywood’s most prominent media outlets, the celebrity watchers were on hand to witness the rockin’ tunes, action and Oakley’s sizzling hot swimwear and performance apparel lines in full athletic usage on the beach.

But although it was nothing but a fun, relaxing environment for all, the competitive atmosphere was definitely present.

Oakley pros Jess Gysin, Sarah Day, Traci Weamer, Casey Patterson and Ty Loomis gave the scene a pinch of authentic volleyball action on a near perfect summer day in Southern California.