Brian Mackenzie's 200-mile Solo Race


Local endurance athlete and coach Brian Mackenzie is attempting to do what only one man has previously accomplished: complete a grueling 199-mile team relay race known as “The Relay”… solo. Brian will be armed with Oakley’s new RADAR and FLAK JACKET sport performance eyewear throughout.

His journey will begin at 7:00 a.m. this Friday morning, May 4th, 2007,where he will run one mile to the race start line (making his distance an even 200 miles) and end some 55 hours later around 2:00 p.m. Sunday, May 6th, if all goes as planned.

Brian is no stranger to Oakley eyewear: “In the last 3 years I have trained and raced in the roughest climates that mother earth can dish out. Death Valley at the end of July is usually the hottest time of the year anywhere on the planet! At a high temperature of 127 degrees clouds or coverage is few and far between. The sun is at its deadliest and eye protection is a must. The wind can exceed 50mph and dust is usually everywhere. Since coming in contact with Oakley eyewear I have yet to find something that can protect my eyes from the elements like their products. The polarized lenses allow for a much clearer view of the desert at noon. Because of my exposure to the elements, I developed Pterygiums in the eyes. These are painful growths that cause vision impairment and are not fun to deal with. Oakley eyewear has helped not only reduce the pain but the actual symptoms have gone down and allowed me to train and compete in the environments I so choose.”

Along the course, which snakes from the undulating hills of Calistoga, CA, to the breaking surf of Santa Cruz, CA, Brian will burn an estimated 45,000 calories, consume some 770 ounces of energy drinks and fluids and change his shoes and clothing at least 10 times. He will endure hills, changing weather, and dodge traffic; he will deal with sleep deprivation, unbearable blisters and risk several medical conditions including as hyponetremia, dehydration, renal failure, heat stroke, and hypothermia all in the name of charitable causes. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Check out the course at And check in next week to see if Brian was able to pull it off!…


Staff Writer


May 03, 2007