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Many a sports fan dreams of visiting Yankee stadium in their lifetime. The field has such rich history in the sport. It’s one of the original ballparks still standing – at least for now, before its scheduled tear down and rebuild at the end of the 2008 season.

Considering this fact, it is even more rare when an individual is given the opportunity to check out the stadium on a personal tour. To walk in the dugout, sit on the players’ bench, and see the stadium completely empty – it’s an experience few have had the opportunity to enjoy. It’s nearly a chance of a lifetime.

Well – if you’re Ryan Evert and the Rolling Lab crew, you might know what this feels like.

With the help of Oakley’s sports marketing manager for baseball, Garry Gant, Ryan was able to develop a relationship with members of the Yankees staff, as well as the Bronx police staff.  Essentially, these relationships resulted in the Lab being granted permission to park in front of Yankee stadium in an area where NO vehicles are allowed to park. How did the Lab get access to this spot for parking? Oh don’t worry, they had a full police escort bring them to their location.

As if that weren’t enough, Ryan and his Lab crew as well his mom and brother were given the chance to take a private tour of the stadium as well as attend a game.

While the Lab was not open for tours on location, the Oakley message was displayed loud and clear simply through the Lab’s presence alone.

Thanks go out to Rich Manteleone, Assistant Pitching Coach, of the NY Yankees for playing a major part in making this all come together, as well as the Yankees organization in general. Additional thanks also go to Sgt. Toby Antmonk and Officers John Gimo, Mark and Manta of the Bronx police department.

Last but not least, big thanks go once again to Garry Gant with Oakley!