Oakley, Inc. (NYSE: OO) today announced the release of its 2007 women’s sunglass collection. Inspired by the unique personalities and lifestyles of the company’s female sport pros, 15 SKUs representing three entirely new frame geometries celebrate the independence and individualism of active women.

"The expansion of our women’s sunglass collection offers a tremendous opportunity to address a unique consumer – a woman unafraid to push the limits of her athleticism yet one that covets her individual femininity at the same time," said Colin Baden, president, Oakley, Inc. "Many women choose eyewear on the basis of fashion, unaware of sacrificing optical clarity – this is unacceptable. By offering the unbeatable clarity of Oakley’s High Definition Optics® and superior comfort, our women’s sunglass collection bridges the gap between style and function."

"Oakley is well positioned to connect with active women. The company evolved in the youth culture of action sports, serving and inspiring free spirits who define their own lifestyle, so we have unique insight into today’s active woman and the ability to fuel her aspirations," continued Baden. "The independence of this personal style has been crystallized into three new eyewear creations: DISOBEY™, BEHAVE™ and SPEECHLESS™."

Each of the new sunglass designs features uniquely feminine frame geometry and the clarity, comfort and protection synonymous with the Oakley brand. Oakley’s new DISOBEY™ sunglass achieves depth with tiered shading within the frame material. Durable, lightweight O Matter® is used to ensure all-day comfort. The temples are highlighted by true metal icons.

A new style called BEHAVE™ utilizes C-5™ alloy and includes an exclusive design accent on the frame temples.  The comfortably lightweight metal creates a flowing contour around the eyes and finishes in see-through stems.

Oakley’s new SPEECHLESS™ sunglass is an athletically inspired design in stress-resistant, lightweight O Matter® frame material. The confident, assertive styling is enriched with feminine contouring and finished with metal icons.

Each sunglass in Oakley’s 2007 women’s collection comes with a fashion eyewear case. Lenses are available in a range of colors that blend fashion with the performance of balanced light filtering. Gradient shading is also an available option, as is Oakley polarization that eliminates the haze and distortion common to ordinary polarized lenses and achieves the best polarized optics available. For those who require corrective optics, BEHAVE™and DISOBEY™ are available with Oakley prescription lenses. For more information on Oakley’s 2007 women’s eyewear collection, please visit Uniquely.


Staff Writer


March 28, 2007