Day 1 of JOI


After one car ride at 5am on Tuesday, three flights and a taxi ride I arrived to bright sunny Are, Sweden at 2pm on Wednesday. Now that is some time traveling, but the fun had just begun. At 5pm practice began and when you first witness the Jon Olsson Invitational Arena, all you can think of is I cannot believe skiers hit this jump. Then you see Simon Dumont chuck his meat off the jump with a death defying double helicopter. Now you might be asking yourself, what the "blank" is a double helicopter? Well, it’s a switch misty nine hundred, which is an insane trick considering the size of the jump.

Practice continued into the evening and Oakley Sports Marketing Ski Manager, Greg Strokes and I headed back to the condo to get ready for the night’s activities. One thing the Swedish people can do is party and party they do in Are, Sweden for Jon’s event. Armada’s Chris O’Connell and I will hopefully be supplying with some fun nightlife photos for you.

Look for more stories and photos throughout the rest of this week leading up to the finals on Saturday. Check out some of the photos from yesterday’s practice below.