Oakley.com Hooks It Up


Last week Oakley announced the re-launch of out website (www.oakley.com), concurrent with the delivery of the spring 2007 eyewear collections, in support of the company’s strategic optics and branding initiatives.

After the initial hours of launch Oakley mailed out gift bags to the first three online purchasers. Oakley was able to catch up with one of them, Austin Becker, who literally placed his order just an hour after the re-launch. Below is a short conversation Oakley had with Austin about his online experience.

- Austin, had you ever visited Oakley.com before?

- I had visited the site before, but this was actually my first purchase I’ve ever made online there. I bought a pair about five years ago and I broke them last summer, so I wanted to get a new pair for this summer.

- Did you enjoy your online experience?

- The night when I bought the glasses I just purchased them and went to bed, but after I received a call about being one of the first 3 to purchase on the site, I went back and looked around at some of the features. So yes I did like the new site, I thought the color scheme was really cool with a dark black background surrounding cropped out pictures and different colored text.

- While cruising our site for the online purchase, did you visit other areas of the site?

- I mainly was looking at different types of sunglasses, one feature I thought was really cool, which I’m not quite sure if it was on the other site or not, was how the site explained to you how the different lenses worked. You could choose different colors, say yellow and black and it would give you an example of what it looks like when you are wearing the glasses compared to the naked eye.

- If so, what areas of the site stood out or did you like?

- I also thought it was very well organized, the categories for all the accessories and merchandise you have to offer was split up very nicely, so you could go to what you’re searching for and not have to waste a bunch of time doing so.

- Will you be coming back to Oakley.com in future?

- Yeah definitely, especially if I get everything for free again! Just kidding, but yeah I think I will, it’s probably the easiest way to buy sunglasses because you have Oakley’s entire line of merchandise to select from and you don’t have to go to a store to buy them, which always annoys me because salesman are always so pushy, they’ll try and sell you a pair of glasses that are $400 dollars when you’re just looking for something casual to wear at the lake. Buying online is just a lot easier.

- When someone says Oakley – what comes to mind?

- Quality

- Alright Austin, thank you for your time?

- Oh, thank you guys for all the free stuff you gave me, it was really a nice and an unexpected gesture.


Staff Writer


March 28, 2007