Oakley, Inc. (NYSE: OO) today announced the release of RADAR™ and FLAK JACKET™, two new eyewear inventions engineered for sport training and competition.  As the first products to feature the company’s new HYDROPHOBIC™ lens coating technology, these designs extend Oakley’s three-decade heritage of innovation in sport performance eyewear.

"These new inventions offer performance benefits that make them vital equipment for athletes," said Oakley, Inc. President Colin Baden. "Sport professionals demand nothing less than the very best, and we’ve been answering that challenge for decades. When we developed BLADES® in the 1980s and the M FRAME® in the 1990s, we utilized world-class athletes to create the ultimate in performance eyewear. Athletes have won more championships and medals with M FRAME® than with any other single sport product on earth. We expect RADAR™ and FLAK JACKET™ to continue building on this heritage."

"The proving ground for these new eyewear designs was in Kona at Ironman 2006. Seven of the race’s top 10 finishers relied on RADAR™ and FLAK JACKET™ in the grueling 112 miles of cycling and 26.2-mile run," continued Baden. "This marked another milestone and watershed moment for Oakley’s sport performance technology, made possible by all the engineers and athletes who contributed to the development of these new inventions. We are making history, again."

Featured with the new products is Oakley HYDROPHOBIC™, a permanent lens coating technology that performs three critical functions. First, it prevents moisture buildup, so rain and sweat won’t compromise performance during training and competition. Second, it helps prevent organic substances such as skin oils from wetting the lens surface, so the lenses are smudge resistant and easy to keep clean. Third, its anti-static properties prevent the lenses from attracting dust and particles. These combined properties help prevent moisture and contaminates from corrupting vision during the heat of competition, ensuring the highest possible level of optical clarity and performance. For more information on Oakley HYDROPHOBIC™ lens technology, please check out.

Additional features of the two new eyewear inventions include interchangeable lens designs that let athletes adapt to changing light conditions, optimizing performance in any environment. Interchangeable frame components let athletes adapt the frame architecture for a custom fit that stays securely in place, thanks to Oakley UNOBTAINIUM®, a synthetic that increases grip with perspiration. The patented innovations of Oakley’s HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®) offer unbeatable optical performance. Clarity and impact resistance for both designs meet all ANSI Z87.1 standards, and UV filtering is 100% for all lens options. The rimless lens architecture means there’s nothing to block downward view, and lenses are available in several shapes.

RADARTM is a single-lens design made with POLARIC ELLIPSOID™ geometry. FLAK JACKET™ is a dual-lens design made with XYZ OPTICS®. Both proprietary geometries maximize clarity at all angles of vision, allowing for lens contours that extend peripheral view and optimize side protection against sun, wind and impact. To learn more about RADARTM, FLAK JACKET™ and other Oakley sport performance eyewear, please visit making history again.

Optional, interchangeable lenses are available for each product and include Oakley polarized lenses for the ultimate in glare-cutting clarity and performance; high-contrast lenses for improved depth perception in overcast and low-light environments; and IRIDIUM® lens coatings to balance the transmission of light, optimizing performance in any sport environment. RADAR™ and FLAK JACKET™ are both available with Oakley prescription lenses.

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March 23, 2007