Snowbird and Alta host Fall 12 Tech Outerwear Testing Event

tyler shred

Third round testing tech outerwear proved more challenging than ever with the lack of snow early season. When the testing deadline was set for our Fall 2012 tech outerwear, conditions looked grim. There wasn’t much snow anywhere, but testing still needed to be completed. Product was shipped out across the country with hopes to get it on snow in time for deadline. Finally the snow started to fly and testing was on! Alaska and Colorado came through first with the East Coast, Utah, and California close behind. With most of the resorts closed testers toured, hiked, and snowmobiled in search of ride able snow.

The final testing site was Snowbird and Alta , UT in Little Cottonwood Canyon of the Wasatch Mountains. Key testers, merchants, sales people, and athletes came together for 3 days of intensive testing followed by 2 days of intensive roundtable meetings.

The first day the team toured Alta with local patroller Jesse Weeks accessing some great terrain and some early season powder. With the low snow pack and high avalanche danger the team had to be careful of rocks, tree branches, and hazards along the way.

Oakley Snowboard Team Rider, Jake Blauvelt , joined the team on the second day for Snowbird’s opening day. Jake came to further test and put the finishing touches on his Fall 2012 Pro Rider Series outfit. “Jake’s outfit has turned out really sick. It’s a 2 layer Goretex piece with critically placed fleece. Perfect for touring in the backcountry or riding resort. It has such a clean streamlined look and is a great all around outfit”, says Tyler Anderson, Oakley field tester.

It was also great to have Grete Eliassen women’s ski team professional and an overall superwoman, in attendance to work on her PRS outfit. By the end of the weekend everyone was exhausted, but the team had accomplished what they had set out to do with much skepticism…complete testing of the Fall 2012 Technical outerwear line.