Johnny Miller visits O Lab


Oakley deployed its Rolling O Lab this week at the FBR Open in Phoenix, Arizona the Lab’s visitors in this initial rollout were a mix of golf fans, Oakley enthusiasts and the tournament-goers whose curiosity got the better of them when they saw our massive set up. However, what was a huge personal highlight for the communications team at Oakley was a visit from one of golf’s greats, the one and only, Johnny Miller.

Upon Miller’s arrival at the Rolling O Lab, he displayed knowledge of Oakley’s product along with an interest in learning more about the product line. He first checked out the new Thump Pro, stating with a grin, “This really makes me look cool, doesn’t it?” He shared with us his music choices that he would like to load onto his Thump Pro, and that he could see great utility in using the product while golfing or fishing. He proceeded to wear the Thump Pro throughout the majority of the time he was with us at the Lab. We thought it looked great on him as well, and yes – he did look pretty cool!

Next along Miller’s tour through the Rolling O Lab was the new sport performance eyewear, the Radar and Flak Jacket. Both Miller and his son, Todd, had the opportunity to try out Radar and Flak Jacket firsthand.  They got to hear about the new hydrophobic and oleophobic qualities of these new sunglasses. Johnny’s look of amazement was priceless, only topped by his assessment of the glasses by stating “You’d be dumb not to wear Oakleys!”

Johnny, we agree with you.

Following these two product introductions, Ryan Evert, Rolling Lab Manager, took Miller for a personal tour, showing him all of the demos from optics to impact. Miller was given the full rundown as to why Oakley’s optics are superior. Luckily, a camera crew was on hand as well as staff photographer were there to capture this amazing moment – check back for video footage in the coming weeks.

We felt extremely honored to have Miller at the Lab’s debut appearance. He spent a good hour with us going over product and spending time with the Oakley crew. At the conclusion of his tour, he commented on the Rolling O Lab as well as his experience with Oakley sunglasses.

“Oakley’s really got it right with this Lab,” Miller said. “They’ve done everything right and will be able to show people what makes them superior in optics. I think this is a great idea.”

In regards to the impression his tour of the Rolling O Lab left on Johnny, his summary was this: “After seeing the impact testing and how badly other products can distort your vision and cause eye strain, I really understand why my Oakleys have always helped me in competition. They have helped me to read the greens better. Other glasses have given me headaches and I didn’t fully understand why, but now I get it. With all of the technology and protection built into Oakley’s eyewear, it really would be dumb not to wear Oakleys whether it be for sport (for me golf, fishing, riding motorbikes) or for everyday wear. Protecting your eyes and giving yourself the best vision possible is what Oakleys do – I always knew they were better and that they were giving me an advantage, and now I know why.”

We waved goodbye to the great as he drove off in his golf cart, wearing his new pair of the Radar sunglasses and his son wearing the new Flak Jacket.


Staff Writer


February 03, 2007