Oakley Goes Back to Church Street


Church Street on a Saturday morning can be quite the happening place. The Rolling O Lab joined a farmers market, parade, triathlon, and usual weekend crowd of Church Street cruisers on a beautiful summer day in Burlington, Vermont. The Lab was set up right in front of the Optical Center to talk eyewear and answer questions about Oakley and the eyewear market in general.

As participants finished the 2011 USA Age Group National Championship, a majority chose one of the many Church Street bars and restaurants for their customary post race beer. A greater part of that majority decided to come through the O Lab to either learn or reconfirm why Oakley eyewear is an essential piece of equipment when participating in sport.

The Lab definitely grabbed the attention of the quaint, narrow street that draws locals and visitors by the thousands every weekend. Setting up right on the Optical Center’s front porch made it convenient for Lab visitors to check out all of the new styles and add new lenses to their current repertoire. The hospitality and responsiveness of the Church Street crowd made for a great day and favorite stop for the O Lab this summer.