Rolling O Stops at the South Coast Surf Shop


This past weekend the Rolling O Lab set up in Pacific Beach in front San Diego’s finest and most traditional surf shops, South Coast. The two day weekend extravaganza consisted of surf, sun, and sales of many top brands in the industry, with Oakley posting up the biggest bang with the Rolling O Lab. As people crossed down the street to the beach and tent sales, the O Lab stood out greeting all to see what superior optics are about. Like Peter Ehcoud, a San Diego resident mentioned, “This setup is freaking awesome! I never want to buy any other glasses but Oakley again!”

While the lab bumped sounds, people’s eyes were opened to the superior clarity, definition, UV protection, and impact resistance put into every piece of eyewear. As the owner of South Coast, Steve Cowan put it, “Amazing how people are drawn to the Lab and after go straight to the Oakley case.”

Inside the shop, the event highlighted pieces from the Shaun White Collection, Jupiter Camo, and custom HOLBROOK and DISPATCH tailored to SD’s inhabitants and vacationers. For the women, a full custom case of the new pieces were displayed. The ladies were able to try on the stylish REMEDY, BECKON, MISS CONDUCT and CAVEAT just to name a few. On the apparrel side, the BLADE boardshort hit up the top spot featuring the compression liner, O stretch ripstop, welded seams, and stretch fly, delivering all the comfort and function any South Coast surfer could ever need to tame the Pacific breaks.

All in all, the weekend was a huge success! Oakley would like to thank South Coast for a great partnership and for absolutely destroying sales. A Special thank you goes out to Steve Cowan and the South Coast staff for the sales support, venue and surf boards. Last, but not least, Andrew Pate, the local SoCal rep for all the logistics planning and sales help. This O Lab Crew is looking forward to crushing it again with you all soon!


Thomas Craig


August 25, 2011

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