The O Lab Stakes Claim at Loretta Lynn's


Loretta Lynn’s is one of the biggest motocross events of the year, amateur and professional combined, and the O Lab was honored to be on hand once again. The exciting and electric atmosphere was tangible as hundreds of MX riders of all ages and classes hustled about the campground keeping their mind focused and equipment ready. The week long event took place August 1-6, 2011 and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for that heated race environment.

The smell of race fuel filled the air from 7 am well past 6 pm, an aroma that any fan of racing loves. With the O Lab being stationed right next to the starting gate, there was a great view from on top of the crows nest to see the start and holeshot of every moto. The strategic positioning here created a lot of interest in the Lab and tours were by no means at a premium. Every day more and more people came back requesting to see the “lasers” of the prismatic imbalance testing or to “see stuff break” from the impact testing. More than happy to oblige, demonstrations got Oakley enthusiasts excited about the eyewear, some people already owning, and others looking for the hottest new item.

A special thanks goes out to Oakley Sales Rep Tim Gertz and his account “America’s Motor Sports” well represented by Kenny, Mike and Justin. The account has three locations (Madison, Nashville and Dickson, Tennessee) and can be found online at Americas Motor Sports.

Another thanks to Jack Blodgett, Oakley Wakeboarder and Brand Ambassador, for being on hand to be apart of the festivities and get people excited about Oakley.