Demolition Knock Out


With the fresh air of spring comes golf and with golf comes the Demolition Derby, Colorado style. This year’s annual classic crowned a new Champion.

The West Coast Rolling O Lab nestled itself in front of the club-house of Legacy Ridge Golf Course at Westminster for this year’s annual Derby. Over 70 select golfers toured the Lab and took home a custom Fuel Cell with the Colorado state flag Icon. After a quick HDO session through the Lab, the golfers met up with Head golf Pro Chris Swinhart, first assistance Pro Adran Posey and The Master of the Demolition, Oakley’s very own Matt Thomas to discuss the rules to the most unique golf tournament in the Industry.

With two-time defending Champion Larry Collins out, the field laid wide open for Jeff Carlson to take the 2011 Title and he did so in classic form, sinking a 7-foot birdie putt on the final hole. “I didn’t want to give the hole away, so I just gave it a little extra and it went in.,” said Carlson.

The 2011 Demolition Derby was hit and the Rolling O Crew must give an extra shout out to the people of Legacy Ridge for hosting the event. Another big thank you to Matt Thomas for making the event run so smooth and for Jeff Carlson, enjoy the crown, for next year it’s yours to defend


Brian Carlin


July 21, 2011

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