Oakley Women Test Spring 2012 Training Line

TRX Class

Oakley Women’s Spring 2012 Training line testing went down this June in Salt Lake City Utah. The setting: Muay Thai Gym of Utah, located in Sugarhouse. Our testers were a group of extremely driven, fit women. The week consisted of two strenuous classes a day, testing the product during various training activities.

7am Monday morning started with a leg burning boot camp session. All pieces performed extremely well in flexibility, moisture management, and durability. The night session, Women’s Boxing, was about agility and upper body movement. With so much movement in the upper body our new line of sports bras were crucial. Keeping supported is imperative to function.

Day 2, 7 am Speed and Agility class was all about testing the garments during quick explosive movements. The ladies displayed grace, while bending down and touching the ground at every cone. Breathability of the fabric was imperative, and our new Continuity tops performed exceptionally. They were comfortably sculpting in all the right places while managing moisture. At 7pm the ladies found themselves jump-roping in preparation for Thai Boxing. Talk about fun, sweat, and needing the correct garment on.

Day 3, 7am. We were sore, but the spring line still needed some testing. Good thing we were testing during Yoga this morning. The goal was to stretch our tired muscles and test the shape retention of our yoga pant material. For the top, the new Work It Out Tank fabric’s loose knit was perfect for this kind of movement. This proved the 2012 Spring Line to be extremely versatile over many mediums of exercise and sport.

7pm. Our last test class was TRX. TRX class is suspension training. This exercise utilizes straps hung from the ceiling. By using your bodyweight the system manipulates gravity using the leverage of various positions to improve muscular strength and endurance. A lot of concentration is needed during TRX and having the wrong clothing would be distracting. All the pieces were flexible, moveable, breathable, and stayed in place.

This testing session proved performance backs the biggest women’s training line Oakley has yet to come!