Oakley Soho: Live Painting with Artist Don Pendleton at New York Store


Oakley has been synonymous with high-end style and art.

So it’s no surprise that the Big O enjoys partnerships with artists entrenched in the lifestyle community.

Already displaying collaborative work with artists through the Artist Series Program and similar activities, Oakley is taking its role in art and skate culture to a new level with Don Pendleton.

Don is one of the most well-known skate graphic artists in the industry – working with such respected companies in the industry as Alien Workshop, Element, Etnies, Billabong, Mt. Dew and now Oakley.

For the first time ever, Oakley hosted an event on Wed June 29th to showcase Don’s creations.

The rocking gathering – in the middle of New York’s stylish Soho community – offered media, art followers, special Guests and Oakley accounts the chance to see art that ties directly into skateboarding, pop, lifestyle and relevant culture…along with the O’s brand passion, of course.

Don conducted a live painting of the Oakley Store walls as prints of his work were displayed.

In summary, the event offered everyone in attendance a look at how Oakley continues to think outside of the box and tie Art into Science. The event was packed and fun filled – laced with music and giveaways that made for a very successful first time event.

Special thanks to Don Pendleton, Dani Potts, Deborah Anguiano, Adam O Connell, Paul Schulte, Najat Hassan, Brock Fetch, Anthony Rodeghier and all of the NYC Soho O Store employees.

Images by Brock Fetch