Haggin Oaks Golf Expo 2011

Oakley & Haggin Oak's Golf Expo 2011

This year the Rolling O Lab was proud to be a part of the 36th annual Haggin Oaks Golf Expo in Sacramento, CA. Year after year Haggin Oaks Golf Club has held Americas largest demo day and 2011 was no different. The event is free to the public and hosts a wide range of vendors from typical golf industry giants to local restaurants and even personal well-being booths like chiropractors and trainers. With literally over 150 vendors on hand you might think it would be difficult to stand out, but fortunately Oakley had the Rolling O Lab positioned right at the main entrance to the expo and saw no shortage of foot traffic over the three day event.

In addition to the O Lab presence, area golf rep Bobby Shultze had an amazing selection of Oakley product on site at the driving range. Event goers were able to see how Oakley optics and technology can benefit their game and then go try to latest styles for themselves at the range. The ANSI impact testing was a particularly hot topic around the club as rumors circulated about a local golfer who unfortunately was hit by his ball after it ricocheted off a tree and tragically lost his eye. The expo attendees are now able to understand the importance of high performance eyewear and the differences it can make on the outcome of the round and potentially your career. With recent strong performances by Oakley golfers Rory McIlroy, Ian Poulter and Rickey Barnes, it is clear that the professional world is taking notice as well.

The staff at Haggin Oaks Golf Club did an outstanding job hosting this massive event and accommodating ourselves and the other vendors without a hitch. So the Rolling O Lab would like to thank everyone at Haggin Oaks especially Mark Pompei and the amazing Jane who are true ambassadors for the club. Also, Bobby Shultze for coordinating this event on the Oakley side and providing a great platform for the O Lab to shine… Can’t wait to see everybody next year!

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