Oakley Product Progression

Brock Testing the Light

The progression of Oakley’s products wouldn’t be possible without the combination of technical expertise and field testing input. Products like the Splice Goggle with Fire Iridium polarized lens are improving our performance in a variety of conditions because they are being field tested by experts.

So last week, I took Brock McCabe up the Aiguille di Midi in Chamonix France. Brock works in Optics Advanced Product Development for Oakley, and we took a run down the Vallee Blanche, measuring light reflection from snow and rock along the way in order to create the most versatile mountain lenses on the market. Once we got to the Montenvers train back to town, he took additional readings on light reflections from trees and bushes, and we talked on how I process light and texture to read terrain and crevasses on the open glaciers.

All this data goes into improving what’s already the most accurate optical lenses and goggles on the market. But we almost lost Brock. After his run down the awe-inspiring Vallee Blanches and the Aiguilles of Chamonix on a brilliantly sunny day, he had a hard time returning to southern California to process the field data he captured in the Alps. He said the Alps can mess you up a bit. I couldn’t agree more.

Ski ya soon


Mark Shelp


March 27, 2011

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