3rd Round Testing for Prototype Goggle

End of April Snow

Lucky for Oakley Field Testing Snowbird Utah decided to break the 700 inch snow mark during our goggle trip the last week of April. Thirteen degrees on the peak and 2 feet of new snow was starting to look more like the middle of January rather than the end of April when Oakley field testing geared up and went out on the field to test goggles this time. This was round three for the goggle we’ve been working on perfecting all season. Some may wonder how our goggles are the best in the industry, and this is one of the reasons why. Round three will turn into a round four and potentially five if that is what it takes to make exceptional goggles. Our designers and developers don’t just do their job from the office. They get out and test the product they passionately design; not to mention they talk about it day and night with our testers, local athletes, lift operators, locals, and whoever else has an opinion to offer.

This testing session focused on a multiple goggle blind user fit and feel test, along with fogging tests and observations. Some very interesting things were brought to light this go round and this goggle is getting better and better.