Oakley Uprising Kicks Off At Big Bear


Big Bear Mountain, CA (Saturday, Jan. 6, 2007)

The Oakley Uprising event went off Saturday as competitors were greeted with perfect weather and a variety of features set up at The Scene. Riders dropped in to a downrail, a double-kinked rail or a launch box before ending up at the quarterpipe/mini-spine wall ride option.

The bottom features saw the best tricks as contestants threw down a variety of maneuvers including quarterpipe-to-spine transfers, McTwists, flips, blocks and more.

“The Uprising is inspired by riding transition and an understanding of what The Oakley Artic Challenge is all about. No matter how small, the concept remains the same, quarterpipes are a very fun, exciting and under appreciated feature in snowboarding," said event organizer – Liam Barrett, Oakley Alternative Marketing.

Zak Hale stole the show, destroying every element with reckless abandon, from the double-kinked rail to the quarterpipe hand plant sessions! Next time Zak needs to compete in the older division.

"The Uprising event was a great day with Big Bear and grass roots snowboarding. The weather was perfect, and our new Quarterpipe feature of the event was received very well by all ages. We look forward to more successful events this season promoting Oakley snowboarding and transition riding," said Matty Swanson, Oakley Sports Marketing Snowboard Manager.

Tons of great prizes were given out. The top five of each category received some type of prize with the podium finishers receiving full outerwear kits, as well as the JP Walker Goggle for 2nd and Terje Haakonsen Goggle for 1st place.

Big thanks to the Bear Mountain Park Staff and Liam Barrett at Oakley for putting on another fun event.



  1. Jenna Klein (Oakley Am)
  2. Gabby Maiden
  3. Melissa Johnson (Oakley Am)
  4. Tammie Varner
  5. Susan Armenta

15 & Under Males

  1. Zak Hale
  2. Daniel Brown
  3. Nick Walters
  4. Devin Allen
  5. Evan Heckman

16-20 Males

  1. Tucker Norred (Oakley Am)
  2. Cory Donohoe
  3. Ian Sams (Oakley Am)
  4. Nick Goulding
  5. Jonathan Leighton