Crunked With Oakley: Lil’ Jon’s Long Ride With the Big O


Does Lil’ Jon really love Oakley?

That’s easy. “Yyyyyeaaaahh!”

The world famous artist/producer/executive has been rockin’ Oakley to the fullest, in every way, for almost a decade.

And his face is more than a household sight. From the moment comedian Dave Chapelle playfully mocked his trademark voice and lines – to this very moment as his longevity is in full display with his elite global DJ/producer status, his transcending of music genres and prime time TV appearances – Jon is still getting people “crunk” all over the Planet.

That’s especially true these past few months, as Jon dropped some ultra high-profile appearances on shows like “Celebrity Apprentice” (with the infamous Donald Trump) and “Conan” (where he spiced up the popular comedian-host by presenting him with his own pair of Oakley Dispatches on National TV). Add his new sketch comedy, reality TV show on VH1 (coming in Fall) and countless more projects in the pipeline, and it’s safe to say that the public is still getting a full dose of Crunk…and they’re asking for more.

And by “they,” we mean people from every kind of demographic.

Whether it’s his own DJ gigs, a special appearance at the 2010 Electric Daily Carnival (the most prominent electronic/house music spectacle in the United States), appearances with fellow ultra famous artists, music videos or random people screaming “Whhhhatt?!” in the only way they know how, the Big O is always gracing his face. And he definitely fits right into Oakley’s lifestyle, character and spirit with his diverse set of skills and background.

“Lil Jon has been an Oakley ambassador for eight years now,” said Jeremy McCassy, Oakley’s alternative marketing manager. “Growing up in Atlanta, he was a good skateboarder and musician and always loved the Oakley brand. I ran into Jon in New York at the [MTV] VMAs in 2003, and since then he has collaborated on multiple lines of Oakley shades and has helped launch a ton of products with us. We have also supported his music tours, like the 2005 Anger Management with Eminem and 50 Cent—not to mention, he’s become a great friend."

Join us in congratulating Lil’ Jon on an amazing eight years with Oakley – and many years to come!

Now peep some of the latest video clips on Jon:

Jon on Conan with Footage from Celebrity Apprentice

Lil’ Jon and His Son Nathan on MTV

Recent music video with Prominent Electronic/House Artists Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke


Andrew De Lara


May 03, 2011

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