SF O Store Hosts Red Bull Ride + Style Launch Party


The Oakley store on 842 Market Street in San Francisco closed early today for a private event. As employees scrambled to stuff gift bags, stash mannequins and usher in the DJ, passers-by loitered out front hoping to be invited in. No such luck…

The “private event” was the Red Bull Ride + Style Launch Party and when the doors opened at 8:00 pm the store was immediately flooded with athletes, artists, media and their guests. Riders including Oakley’s Jakob Santos and Josh Boothby, Kenny Arimoto and Chas Christiansen among dozens of other fixed freestyle riders from far and wide came to register for Saturday’s event.

The night was filled was good music, good food, free drinks, killer art, a Jawbone bar where athletes could create custom glasses and even a little charitable giving. The energy in the store was at an all time high as people mingled and scoped out the store. The only downer of the evening was when the O store staff had to reclaim their store so they could open for business in just a few hours!

The week leading up to the launch party, Oakley and Red Bull had organized an in-store silent auction. Art, from some of the artists also participating in the Red Bull Ride + Style event, was donated for the auction as was a limited edition Oakley collectors’ set and custom built Us Versus Them x SE Racing fixed freestyle bike.

The auction items were displayed as part of a larger art installation, which transformed the back of the Oakley store into a mini gallery of sorts and featured original artwork painted directly onto the store walls by the incredibly talented N8 Van Dyke.

When all was said and done the generous hearts of the fixed free style community raised nearly $2000 for The Pablove Foundation, and the fight against childhood cancer.

After a one day recovery the same crew will be out at San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza from 12-4:00 pm for the inaugural Red Bull Ride + Style. Drop on by and catch these riders in action first hand!

For those needing further persuasion view the vid below for more insight about the event directly from the mouths of the riders and artists themselves.