Sea Otter Classic

A Big 360 for the Fans.

Pulling in to beautiful Monterey, California and the famous Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway, the Rolling O Lab was on hand for the largest bike event in North America. From April 14th through the 17th, over thirty thousand chain love enthusiasts gathered together for four adrenaline filled days of cycling events across the entire Raceway.

The O Lab was parked right next to the innovative pump park to witness the combination of park features and a pump track. Brought together by Josh Bender, Terry Cox and Randy Spangler, this one of a kind set up was a huge hit with all ages and a main attraction throughout the event. Also on location were the Pro Jump Jam and Whip Contest. For the Jump Jam riders would take off of a storage trailer and hit four consecutive dirt jumps competing for cash and a spot in the finals. The better the tricks, the bigger the bills; the winner of the final five riders got a handful of cash for five hundred dollars.

The Whip Contest was a free for all of the riders hitting the same jumps and throwing out some of the gnarliest whips. Among other prizes, the winner took home a piece of Oakley history being handed some of our famous Oakley Grips. A special thanks goes out to Oakley’s Steve Blick and Alyssa Gross for being on hand to stoke some people out in Oakley product and bringing everyone together for a stellar event.