Bloody Eye: Softballs Aren’t Soft


As the bright, late-summer sun begins to set over suburban Columbus, OH, a rec league softball player rips a stinging line drive into left field. The runner on second base takes off for third and Kacy Weaver positions herself to tag the advancing runner out.

Weaver looks out to left field for the incoming throw but all she can see is the massive, fiery flare of the descending Ohio sun. She is momentarily blinded—at the exact moment the left fielder unleashes a perfect strike to her at third base. Before she can protect herself, Weaver is struck in the left eye by the throw.

“I don’t know why they call it ‘softball,’” Weaver says with a chuckle. “There’s nothing soft about them at all.”

Fortunately, Weaver is wearing her Oakley Gascan® sunglasses.

“I thought I was alright,” she says. “[I] was looking down to find where my Gascans went and then I saw the blood steadily dripping into the dirt.”

Weaver ended up with two gashes under her left eye. A CAT scan and 11 stitches later, she was emphatic about good fortune.

“If it weren’t for my Gascans, my cheek bone would have been fractured and required surgery and my eye could have sustained major damage as well,” she says. “My Gascans took the brunt of it all [and] I’ll never wear anything but Oakley.”

“My dad always said, ‘Cheap things are of no value and valuable things aren’t cheap.’ So true, so true.”


Danny Evans


April 18, 2011