Fields of Glorious Powder at Powder Mountain Catskiing and Heli Guides, Whistler BC

powder mountain catskiing

Day 3 of Oakley Field Testing’s Whistler trip landed us just outside Whistler Blackcomb at the Powder Mountain Catskiing and Heli Guide operation. The experienced guides at Powder Mountain knew right where to take the Oakley crew to ensure epic testing and snow conditions. Our personal guide, Don Shwartz, owner, head guide, and Canadian snowboarding legend made our day amazing by picking the best lines.

Catskiing is one of the best ways to test goggle fogging, because the outside temperature compared to the inside cat temperature varies a huge degree. Imagine skiing a big powder line and getting in a 12 person cat to follow. There’s going to be some moisture forming. If there is any fogging in our new goggles during testing the goggle is modified by design and tested again to ensure optimal performance when released.

Oakley Canada joined the field testing crew along with Marie France Roy and her Redbull snowmobile. Their presence enabled Oakley field testing to do some blind wear tests and discovered some interesting results!

What an awesome day of Skiing, Snowboarding, and invaluable testing thanks to Powder Mountain Catskiing and Heli Guide’s! check em out on FB