Oakley Field testing goes Blind in Whistler Blackcomb Canada Day 2

whistler air time

Day 2 at Whistler Blackcomb gave us all the sun, fog, wind, and snow we could ask for.
Whistler Blackcomb is such an amazing ski resort due to an almost unending amount of terrain, altitude change from the top to bottom, and the amount of snow it receives. This year they are having their third snowiest season on record at 562" and counting. You can be skiing in light powder above the tree line, descend into tight trees where the snow becomes a little heavier, and continue down to the Whistler Village hitting warmer slushy snow along the way. All the while thinking “man it is really a long way down from the peak to the Village”…it’s AWESOME! Not to mention it could have been sunny on the peak, snowing in the middle, and foggy at the bottom. Where else can you get conditions like this? Oakley Field testing has a hard time figuring out where, so we come to Whistler.

These conditions allowed us to really test out our new goggle. What new goggle? Well…we can’t tell what its looks like or show a picture, but it seriously will amaze you when released. We are working on our 2nd concept prototype of the goggle on this trip. Dialing in fit, function, and performance.

Working with two different protos of the goggle and deciding which one is better without previous bias is hard, so we decided to do some blind testing. Goggle one was placed on the “blind” testers face and ridden for a couple runs, and then Goggle two was switched out. The “blind” tester was paying close attention to each goggle’s fit around the nose and cheek area, general comfort while wearing, amount or lack there of airflow, and peripheral visibility. Blind testing works very well especially with fit, and the data collected during these tests made for some fascinating conclusions. We all can’t wait for the next proto to come out. It’s going to be even better.