Oakley Field Testing Heads to the Great White North for Goggle Testing

Whistler Blackcomb

Day one Of Oakley Field Testing’s Whistler Blackcomb trip lured our ecstatic testing team out of the condo with an ominous cloudy sky. The sky soon set conditions to ideal and began to dump snow all day. Some serious products were up on the chopping block for this testing trip and the designers and testers couldn’t wait to get the product on the mountain to observe changes made since the last prototype field test.

Designers invest so much time working on these products in house and using them in the field is invaluable to the design process. This group of guys is one of the most passionate about their work. It’s hard to say if people were more excited about testing the newest version of the “top secret” goggle Steve Oldham is tearing his hair out perfecting, working on styling out the bandito while making it optimally perform, or putting the finishing touches on the Airbrake goggle that is releasing very soon.

With a diverse level of skiing and snowboarding skills in the group we were able to test these products in a number of different field scenarios. Diversity in skill is ideal when it comes to testing, but can also be daunting when it comes time to quantify and report feedback. Sweating your butt off learning to snowboard for the first time can have a completely different outcome with a goggle than cruising the groomers. This is why we document all variables and put them into consideration when critical failures are assessed.