Flip The Switch: Switchlock Technology Opens Up Possibilities

In competitive sport, the difference between victory and defeat often comes down to moments. If you want to win, you have to be ready for anything—especially changing light and weather conditions. That was the motivation for Oakley’s research and design team to create Switchlock Technology™.

With Switchlock Technology™, the new Oakley Fast Jacket™sunglass lets the wearer match optics to the environment to maximize performance and safety.

Pro athletes know it takes the right combination of light filtering, glare blocking, visual contrast and color balance to help them perform at their best, and it varies from sport to sport and place to place. With Fast Jacket, they have the power to adapt their vision and give themselves every possible advantage. If the sun pulls a disappearing act or breaks its way through the clouds, the Oakley Fast Jacket quickly swaps out the lenses with the perfect set.

Game-Changing Design
When you picked up a pair of Jawbones, you immediately noticed the difference. There’s a well-camouflaged hinge that can be released simply by flipping up the nose pads and opening the “jaw”. From there, the lenses slide right out and right back in again. The following year Oakley released Split Jacket, which featured the same Switchlock design.

This summer Oakley will introduce Fast Jacket, which combines Switchlock Technology with the legendary Flak Jacket—one of Oakley’s most sought-after sunglass designs ever. On Fast Jacket, Switchlock Technology locks the lenses in place with a quick-release system. When locked, the lenses are held securely without any stresses that could alter the optics. With Oakley Switchlock Technology, Fast Jacket changes the game, and sports enthusiast will never look at sunglasses the same way again.


Cale Thompson


April 01, 2011