THUMP on Golf Digest Gift Guide

01dec05.jpg editors announced their 2005 Holiday Gift Guide for the gadget lover on your list. Oakley THUMP placed in at #8 where the “sunglasses with the attatched MP3 player put a new spin on head games”.

Other Oakley THUMP™ honors include: “Best Products of the Year: At Play”, “20 Top Tech Picks” and “Visions of Tomorrow”.

Oakley’s latest digital music eyewear, THUMP 2™, transforms all barriers with a new design and a “storage capacity up to a capacious 1 GB”. That’s 240 songs in a fully integrated design that frees you from dangling cords and wires.

THUMP 2™ reviews declare that “these flash-based MP3 player sunglasses are for you”.

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Staff Writer


November 01, 2005