Bloody Eye: Road Rash and Radar


You couldn’t blame Theo Blingnaut for being angry. When you see the picture of the guy lying in a hospital bed with a giant “road rash” wound making almost a full circle around his left eye, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume he’d be pissed off. But the funny thing is Theo is the farthest thing from mad. He’s actually grateful.

His story is a familiar one. Man wears Oakley Radars. Man rides bike downhill at blinding speed. Man hits an imperfection in the road. Man crashes (or, to use Theo’s exact words, Man “eats tar”). Blood everywhere. Pain. Agony. But Man’s eyes are saved by Oakley Radars. Man rides bike again.

On the morning of his wreck, Theo says he had already finished his training ride. The accident occurred on his ride home.

“[I was] coming over the top of Eeufees Hill (in South Africa) when I hit a hump of tar in the road and went face first into the tar. The lens of the sunglasses went into my cheek and cut the skin open just below my eye. I only came around much later in the hospital.”

Theo’s Radar sunglasses performed exactly as they were engineered to do. While his facial wounds will heal in time, the damage that would have been done to his eye without the impact protection of his Radars would likely have been permanent and irreversible. This realization came to Theo hours later in the hospital.

“My coach had taken all my gear when he picked me up from the side of the road after I had crashed,” Theo recalls. “When I got out of the hospital later that day I was keen to see what was still in one piece. Unfortunately, my Oakleys, the best sunglasses that I have ever owned, were trashed. At first I was really upset about this, but then I realized that I might have seriously damaged my eye if it had not been for the sunglasses protecting it.

“There are no other sunglasses that I would choose to wear,” he continues. “Oakley is simply the best. I don’t know how they do it but they just get it right every single time they design a pair of sunglasses. I know that I keep going on about how great Oakleys are, but seriously, try a pair and you will know what I am talking about.”

Thanks, Theo. High praise indeed.

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Danny Evans


February 16, 2011

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