Oakley Concept Goggle Testing

Bandito on the slopes

Day one at Snowbird started off with very cold and icy conditions. Although the mountain was challenging, the team was determined to get the new concept goggle out in the elements. The first performance test results of this prototype goggle had very positive feedback. Field testing will ensure optimal face fit, helmet compatability, correct strap exit angle, perfect peripheral vision and maximized venting. We’re excited to be working on what could become one of the most impressive goggles on the market.

Day two brought 10 inches of snow, a fired up testing team, and perfect testing conditions. Considering the overnight snowfall, 20-42 mile per hour winds, and snow accumulating 8 more inches during the day we couldn’t have asked for better testing conditions.

Because of the harsh conditions, today’s focus was the Bandito facemask. An adaptable clip facemask for Airbrake and Splice goggles providing all day protection and use without skin exposure. The team brainstormed the concept all day on and off the mountain to ensure peak performance for their release next Fall. Upon release the Oakley Bandito will be the choice facemask for the pro athlete and consumer.


Jessie Anderson


January 19, 2011

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