Oakley was the Third Dimension at CES

The Oakley 3D Compound.

This year Oakley debuted its’ new High Definition 3D eyewear at the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, it houses around 2,700 technology companies showing over 20,000 new products with an estimated over 140,000 in attendance. As they say at CES, it is “The Global Stage for Innovation”, and as far as innovation goes…we fit right in.

When 3D became the next big step, we knew that if you combined our history in the eyewear industry with all of our technological advances in optics, that our next obvious step was to apply Oakley’s HDO to 3D eyewear, thus creating a superior 3D experience. So we took one of our favorite styles, the Gascan and that’s what we did. And if that wasn’t enough, we partnered up with movie mogul, Disney, to launch our Limited Edition Tron Gascan as well.

Bloggers, television, radio and print media were invited out from all over to come check out the Rolling O Lab to see what puts Oakley in the forefront of 3D eyewear and then test it out for themselves in our VIP tent. The VIP tent included a 3D gaming room, 3D sports bar, as well as two 3D home entertainment setups. It also provided food, drinks and WiFi to round out the Oakley 3D experience. One blogger said to me “At first I was skeptical, but after hearing the tech behind it and then seeing it first hand, I am definitely a believer!” And there were many more stories just like that one during the show. Some of the media in attendance were: The Today Show, WIRED, Consumers Digest, LG, IMAX, Gear Junkie, and the Washington Post to name a few.

In true Oakley Fashion, our PR girls teamed up with Macallan Scotch and hosted a Friday night cocktail party on the 54th floor, in a corner suite of the Aria, Las Vega’s premier new hotel and casino. This provided a more relaxed environment for the media to get a chance to check out Oakley’s 3D eyewear as well has have a few drinks and chat outside of the chaos of the show.

For our 3D push we knew we had to make the right choice on which platform to back as far as Active or Passive. Oakley’s HDO 3D Gascan works on a Passive platform which allows it to be much more versatile then Active. Active eyewear is married to the brand of TV it coincides with, so Sony eyewear has to be used with a Sony TV. Passive on the other hand, will work with any Real D 3D cinema which consists of over 85% of theatres in the US as well as any Passive 3D TV. So now no matter what brand of TV you have, if its Passive 3D, then you can use Oakley glasses to better your 3D viewing experience. And with major manufactures such as LG and Vizio, just to name two, launching their Passive TV’s at CES, we knew we had made the right choice. Passive is the future for 3D in home theatre and gaming.

When all the dust had settled almost 2,000 tech savvy individuals had passed through the Rolling O Lab to get a behind the scenes look at what separates Oakley’s 3D optics from everyone else’s. Also James Smat filmed the first ever O Lab presentation in 3D!

People really got a chance to see there was a difference, not only with the quality of the 3D, but with the fit, as well as points for style. With the Gascan’s extreme wrap, it not only fits well but gives you more of a panoramic view of what you’re looking at allowing you to be immersed in your 3D experience. It shows us that having the proper eyewear whether you are in your home or in the theatre makes a big difference.

The O Lab would like to give a big thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this event so successful.

We hope to see everyone back next year and remember Oakley is the 3rd dimension!