Oakley Field Testings Women Athletes Sweat in Sand and Water During Our Trip to Oceanside, CA

Women's Active

What an awesome mix of activities, women, and fun in the sun! Team skier Kaya Turski and pro volleyball player Kerri Walsh kicked butt during boot camp on the beach. While team wake boarders Amber Wing and Nicola Butler took their chances with another water sport and paddled out. Skiers Grete Eliassen and Kristi Leskinen lead the charge on the trial run. Afterwards Erica Anderson and surfer Lani Doerty found peace with yoga. Oakley’s own ladies Jenny Earnshaw and Liesl Holtz showed everyone how California girls know how to paddle board.

After heavy wear and tear testing it was time to get down to business and record our results. All testers critically assessed and documented on the Oakley field-testing website the various products fit, function, and performance during testing. They also note critical failure areas, positive feedback, and ideas for improvement.

Once all the girls critically assessed the product, it was time to meet with the women’s designers, developers, and graphic artists to have a serious round table to discuss the spring 2011 line and brainstorm for the future.

This was a really productive trip for everyone and the spring surf and activewear line is looking to turn out really awesome!