Bloody Eye: Tucson Faceplant


On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, Steve Bosse was riding his bike along a frontage road on the north side of Tucson, AZ. A veteran triathlete, Bosse was intent upon improving his racing speed and was training that day with a group of fellow riders comprised largely (and serendipitously) of physicians.

Bosse estimates he was traveling at about twenty-five miles per hour when he rode into a pothole that twisted his front wheel hard to the left and sent him tumbling over his handlebars. He landed on his face.

“I don’t remember the accident,” Bosse says. “I remember talking to someone before it happened and the next thing I recall is waking up in the emergency room.”

Bosse’s face was “pretty mangled and pretty ugly.” He suffered three nondisplaced facial fractures, a minor concussion, and a deviated septum. Three large scars near his forehead make a Z-shaped pattern, yet Bosse says he is ecstatic.

“One of my best friends is my ophthalmologist and couldn’t believe there was no damage to the orbit or the eye,” Bosse says, attributing his good fortune to the fact that he was wearing Oakley M Frame sunglasses. “The people at the store talked about high-impact, shatterproof lenses (of Oakley sunglasses) but I just wear them because they look cool. I had no idea they were capable of this.”

“I’m ecstatic that they worked. They absorbed the impact and shifted it away from my eye.”

Bosse has not yet been cleared by his doctors to begin riding again, but he says he will definitely go back to M Frame sunglasses when he gets the green light.

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Danny Evans


January 13, 2011

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