Oakley Pro Junior San Sebastian


Spontaneously Oakley was asked to be the 2010 main sponsor of the Donostia Pro Junior in Spain’s San Sebastian! What a great chance – and challenge for the Rolling O crew to bring out the best for both local Oakley crew and surf enthusiasts!

The branding was great and the square O was everywhere, including the organization crew. The white logo on black background stood proudly out of the beach and the position of our huge O Lab could not have been better: about 4 meters from the beachfront. People stayed there all day to enjoy the warm summer breeze, the beach and they actually used our comfy Oakley beach chairs and lounge pillows to hang out!

During the three days of the contest the public in general and the surfers and judges of the event were surprised by the technology of our sunglasses, Oakley HDPolarized and the variety of lens colors. Spanish tech rep Victor Garcia impressed the locals with his spirited presentations and after a while the O Lab was the meeting point of San Sebastian’s surf scene. Oakley’s Carlos “Charly” Gonzales organized a detailed training session with our Spanish Surf Team with the presence of two magazines, and also another one for the TV channel Cuatro. (After this training session, all the surfers of the team became true ambassadors of the Brand in and out of the water)

A spontaneous BBQ session with lots of burgers and sausages and a concert shortly after the Oakley Pro Junior prize giving ceremony on the stage of the O Lab made this event a truly successful one. The ambience was great and the public was curious and thankful to be entertained like this.

We spent wonderful days in San Sebastian and I want to take the chance to say “Thank you” to the local organization crew around Artzai and Haritz who always had a solution for everything and finally could persuade the local delivery service to bring our Oakley banners in time, Charly who always smiled and brought the people together, Stephane for his aim to find the best place in town for Oakley posters and flyers and all the other involved!