Labcam Sept 2010 303

After last year’s roaring success at, Oakley’s athletes were back for the next round to win the gold medal in all categories. These medals went to: Dany Torres (FMX), Gjermund Braaten (SNB), Henrik Harlaut (SKI) and Sandro Dias (SKATE).

The O-Lab was positioned perfectly: right in front of the FMX course, the view was awesome! Photographers battled to climb up the O lab’s rooftop to shot the best pictures. The O-Lab visitors competed in the game „Ring the bell“ to get the chance to win a brand new signature outfit, a signature goggle or a wakeboard session on the Zürich Lake with a bunch of friends. Furthermore the crowd also had the opportunity to take home a signed action poster of our competing athletes and a brightly colored Oakley headband. Our signing sessions were crowded as usual, more than 15 Oakley athletes attended the Rolling O Lab these days!

Four mannequins with werewolf masks were placed on the O-Lab roof showing the signature outfits of Tanner Hall, Simon Dumont, Seth Morrison and Eero Ettala. Another two „Oakley Werewolves“ mingled with the public to showcase the Simon Dumont and Tanner Hall outfits and invited them to the O Lab, where HDO specialist Franz Greiter along with Germany’s Ines Kreutzer taught the public all you should know about Oakley’s superior eyewear technology.

To cap it all our Oakley “hostess werewolves” distributed about 5.000 flyers inviting people to the Puls5 Oakley Pop-Up Store to join another lottery in the next four weeks.

Thanks to all involved, the team work was amazing – even though the weather was far from being perfect! But the whole Oakley crew made the best out of the cold and windy conditions. Big shout-out to all of you!!