Oakley Pro Junior 2010 - Lacanau


After one of the most successful Pro Junior Surf series in recent years, the Oakley Pro Junior was back for another year. Once again, in an effort to assemble the world’s most talented young surfers in one location, the Oakley World Pro Junior took place in Lacanau, France.

From the 13th to 16th August the surf contest was held in challenging surf conditions where Oakley rider, Charly Martin, defended his title and won for the second consecutive year.

The Rolling O-Lab was placed in the middle of the retail zone and achieved much interest and visibility during the 3-day event. Our position was simply awesome – just next to the seafront and with an unbeatable view from the rooftop onto the ocean and setting sun. Visitors and end-consumers were given the opportunity to engage with the brand by taking part in a polaroid contest, where one could win an Oakley Original Grip Boardshort and OPJ T-Shirt for the best customized AFA Action Ad. For this purpose the Rolling O Lab crew set up a huge banner with Romain Cloitre’s rebel campaign ad – but instead of our athlete’s head the crowd was encouraged by our lovely hostess girls to put their head into the hole of the banner and to make a “professional surfer face”. The activity was a huge success. Meanwhile French optical tech rep Julien Godefroy did non-stop detailed presentations about Oakley HDO and was admired doing so by the local French girls.

A retail collaboration was set up with 10 AFA retail stores in the Lacanau region, whereby vouchers were given out for any Oakley purchase, allowing a consumer to redeem an official OPJ T-Shirt on the Rolling O-Lab.

After a Welcome party in a sushi bar on Friday evening the sports and optical channel enjoyed an informal gig by Australian singer Rob Sawyer on the Rolling O-Lab stage followed by a huge BBQ.

The O Lab crew was honored that OPJ winner and Oakley rider Charly Martin gave his very first interview on top of the O Lab, the pictures been taken are simply great!

Thanks to all involved; Julien Godefroy, Julia Aster, Yann Martin, Stephan Domenger and Rob Sawyer and all the others. It was a very well organized and positive event for all of us !