Rising Sun: Oakley Displays Its Rich, Rebellious History and Future in Tokyo


35 years of Rebel spirit and pure ownage.

Old timers and grom-aged kids in the United States may know a thing or two about Oakley’s rich history, but the stoke just got brought to the heart of Japan.

Tokyo’s Oakley Store in Harajuku was invaded by the Big O on Oct. 1, as we showcased an extensive collection of archives, as well as the Jeff Staple/Staple Design collection (the REBELS 1975-2010), Oakley Cycle Lifestyle Collection and the Oakley One Icon Collection.

Just an amazing spectacle that gave the public a peak into our company’s intriguing heritage and past – with a transition into the present and super bright future. Including a look at the sparsely known fact that Oakley’s first product had nothing to with eyeballs – but everything to do with motocross/bike grips made of our patented Unobtanium™ material that’s used in O’s performance eyewear of the present.

The vibrant display is a cause for celebration of where we came from and what frontiers we’ll be conquering next…with our signature style, that is.

Oakley Store Harajuku
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Tokyo Japan
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