Tubular Fantasy: Brian Conley Releases My Eyes Won't Dry 3


After three years in the making, pro surfer and POV Cinematographer, Brian Conley releases the third edition to his My Eyes Won’t Dry surf movie collection.

Conley takes viewers on an adrenaline filled ride full of thrilling risk, reward, stoke and beauty. The film is a state-of-the-art documentation of the elements and sensations of tube riding in high surf. Along with a tight crew of hard chargers and tube gurus, Brian hunts for the very best waves throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

“Over the last three years I have taken my surfing and cinematography skills to new levels,” says Conley. “I’ve been hunting big swells and capturing incredible tube rides from inside and out in full HD Quality. [My Eyes Won’t Dry 3] is a story about the addiction I have acquired for heavy tubes in the world’s most challenging surf.”

My Eyes Won’t Dry 3 makes its world premiere on September 24, 2010 at La Paloma Theater in Encinitas, CA. In the mean time, check out the teaser for a taste of the tubular addiction:


Elishia Matta


September 14, 2010

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