High Country Invitational


High Country Invitational catches a blue bird day with perfect conditions. Over 120 golfers attended the Cordillera Summit Golf Course in Edwards, CO in early September to partake in great golf, great views, the Rolling O lab, and a few cocktails. Everyone left the event with their hands full of Oakley product and a taste of Oakley’s Golf Lifestyle. As the main sponsor, Negro Modelo supplied all golfers with a variety of their tasty beverages on course, as well as during the dinner/raffle afterward. Red Bull brought their A Game as well with outstanding branding on the driving range and product through out the day. A new sponsor to the Pro Am series was Neuro Water. They supplied their own drinks as well, in addition to adding flavor to the par 3 third hole. Pole Dancers! Needless to say, there was a bit of a back up on that hole.

The event went off without a glitch. Everything came together the way it should have with the help of many. Chris Long, Al Janc, Joe McNulty, Ryan Evert, Eric Gudgel, Trevor Gamble, Eagle Valley High School Golf Team, and Team Parker to name a few. Lotta work and a lotta fun! Ben Portie was low golf professional and walked away with $3,000.00 cash, a Minute Machine, and the new Pro Am Series ‘Heavyweight Championship’ style belt.