Getting the Prescription Right in Southern California


Oakley employees recently joined OneSight opticians, licensed doctors and eyewear industry professionals to hand-deliver prescription frames and non-prescription sunglasses to children in Southern California.

The OneSight team and Oakley volunteers saw 239 kids the first day, and by day five saw 1,127 kids at the San Diego clinic.

Tiffany Morgan, licensed optician and Employee Store Manager at Oakley Foothill Ranch, said, “If you are interested in getting involved with OneSight, DO IT! Volunteering at the San Diego OneSight clinic was the most gratifying experience ever; from interacting with the children to making lasting relationships with other volunteers.”

Toward the end of both clinics, children were crying tears of joy thanks to their newly-found sense of sight. Their shyness disappeared and they laughed with volunteers, talked about the latest gossip in school and playground breakups.

During the five-day Los Angeles clinic, 682 kids had their eyes dilated and took eye exams; 90% of which needed prescription glasses.

Oakley’s Customer Care Manager, Heather Bissell , said, "Eye exams and glasses are something that I’ve always taken for granted, something that was more of a chore, yet to these kids, it was a life changing adventure. The Los Angeles OneSight clinic was life changing for me."

"If you are looking to contribute to an amazing organization that gives to people all around the world, young and old, OneSight is for you. You can get involved by giving in multiple ways, and witness the results of your efforts first-hand," said Heather.

For the third consecutive year, Oakley has partnered with OneSight to help the 314 million people worldwide in need of protective eyewear and vision care. Since 1988, OneSight, a Luxottica Foundation, has provided eye care to seven million people. Through organized optical clinics, and pre-training opportunities for employee volunteers. Oakley has served people in locations such as India, Paraguay, Thailand, China and the U.S.

There are many ways that you can get involved with OneSight:

  1. Make a donation to to support the program directly.
  2. Donate your gently-used prescription eyewear and non-prescription sunglasses and drop them off at any participating local practitioner
  3. Organize a collection drive in your community.