Indianapolis MotoGP


For the third year in a row, the historic racing city of Indianapolis played host to the most elite circuit in motorcycle racing, The Moto Grand Prix. Fans from all over the world flooded the town to see their favorite racers battle shoulder to shoulder to see who would take the win. With an entire weekend for what seems like a 20 minute main event the spectators had plenty of time to explore the grounds.

The National Rolling O-Lab was present and in full force taking up a large piece of real estate in the high traffic garage area. Throughout the weekend thousands of motorcycle fans toured through the O-Lab to get a better understanding of HDO and what it means to them. Oakley’s Ben Spies even took some time out of his busy day to stop by the O-Lab for an autograph session.

As any race fan knows, Oakley presence is never limited to the Rolling O-lab. Across the way in Ducati Island, Oakley’s relationship punched right through the sea of red. Throughout the Ducati fashion show signature Ducati eyewear styles graced the faces of the beautiful “Ducati Hotties”. To finish the show were two special guests, Gabriele Del Torchio (CEO and President of Ducati) and Oakley’s Nicky Hayden announcing Nicky’s contract for 2 more years with Ducati. Looks like Nicky will be getting some use out of those red Holbrooks over the next couple of years.