CRANK It Up and CRANK It Out - Crankworx 2010

01_kokanee crankworx

2010 would prove to be yet another great year for Oakley and the Rolling O Lab as the West Coast crew was strategically place at the base of the mountain and right in the middle of the village for all fans to see and experience the world famous mobile R&D facility.

Once again, there was a lot of action for the Oakley athletes as well at one of the biggest Mountain Bike event in the world. Oakley athletes earned over 20 medals in 9 different competitions. The Rolling O lab was also on site with non stop crowd going in and out.

An Oakley Learn to Ride program also took place with Hollywood and Canadian TV stars. Check out pics from the event shot by Gary Copeland

Thousands of fans come through the lab and were educated on the technology behind Oakley eyewear over the 9 day event. Many fans were even greeted with an autograph from the likes of mountain biking legends and Oakley athletes, Brian Lopes, Cedric Gracias and Darcy Turenne as the three spent quite a significant amount of time in the lab entertaining fans and sharing knowledge about their craft.

Thanks to the many that helped make this event a huge success including Oakley Canada’s Matt Melancon, Jake Trottier, Derek Heidt, the O Lab boys and a big shout the Whistler Crew: Liam, Zach and Dragon (get well soon buddy).