As Foose’s Legend Grows, So Does Oakley


“In life we get to choose one woman, but we get as many cars as we want.”

Chip Foose is holding court in the Oakley auditorium in Foothill Ranch. Though he is quite humble and certainly does not seek out attention, the attention does find him. When you’re widely heralded as the greatest living automotive designer on the planet, it stands to reason that people want to know what you think, what you like, and how you do the incredible work you do. His audience today is the Oakley Web design team, an attentive group of artists that hangs on every new pearl of Foose’s considerable wisdom.

“I don’t think there should be any questions with design,” Foose says. “If you have to stop and think, ‘Why did they do this?’ then it’s just not good enough.”

No one is asking that question about Foose’s latest design—a brilliant collaboration with Oakley called Three Palms. Quite simply, when the company decided to develop a motorsports-inspired lifestyle shoe that personifies the gas-burning, pedal-to-the-medal Oakley attitude, it knew exactly who to call. The result is colorful, comfortable, game-changing salute to the road and to Chip, the man whose influence has breathed new life into automotive design since the day he picked up a pencil and started to sketch.
“I do consider Oakley to be one of the best design teams on the planet,” he said, saying he’s been a fan of the brand since he discovered Oakley grips as a child riding BMX.

Foose Design (based in Huntington Beach, CA) appeared in the popular Overhaulin’ TV show on TLC, but its design acumen has had reach well beyond the small screen. As a college senior at Art Center, Foose’s senior project was the design for the Plymouth Prowler. He was inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame and has designed cars for Oakley’s Lance Armstrong, John Travolta, and Tim Allen. His design work also appeared in Disney’s movie, “Cars.”

The term “legend” is thrown about rather cavalierly these days, but Foose is a man whose work speaks for itself.


Danny Evans


August 03, 2010