A Show of Hands for Burnquist at X Games


The legendary 360-foot-long Mega Ramp in Bob Burnquist’s Southern California backyard may be a lot of things—fast, high, intimidating as hell—but there is one thing it certainly is not: easy on the hands.

The amount of falling and sliding Burnquist has done in order to master the Big Air discipline of skateboarding has bruised and battered his hands, so much so that Burnquist came to Oakley and asked us to produce a special glove that would protect his mitts through post-trick slides that sometimes carry him as far as 50 feet.

Fortunately, Oakley had already invented the near-perfect remedy for Burnquist’s hands. The Oakley Standard Issue Assault Glove has become legendary among US Armed Forces in harm’s way because of its leather palm and topside reinforcements. And after a few adjustments and customizations, Burnquist became a big fan, too.

With knuckle protection made of virtually impenetrable carbon fibre, double-layered fingertips, and the logo from Burnquist’s Oakley Gascan sunglasses on the thumb, the Burnquist gloves have become as much a staple of his performance attire as the skateboard itself.

In fact, Burnquist will be sporting his Oakley gloves when he competes for more titles at The Summer X Games in Los Angeles starting July 29.


Danny Evans


July 27, 2010