Rolling O Dealer Event in Hamburg


On Midsummer eve, 21st June 2010, we invited “Rosi” as well as all our Oakley customers from Northern Germany to spend the longest day of the year with us together in Hamburg. At the station of Windsurfing Hamburg, we found the perfect surrounding for another fantastic dealer event.

The Rolling O Lab parked right next to the water, facing an unforgetable sunset over the skyline of Hamburg. During the day we offered our Oakley customers free windsurf and wakeboard lessons or just some good times on the water. The Windsurfing crew took care of the equipment, gave useful advice and provided us with a motor boat for wakeboarding. Finally more than 120 people from sports- and optic shops all over Northern Germany showed up to join us and to get taught about Oakley eyewear technology. In eight sessions GmbH Scopemaster “Franzl” once again showed his knowledge and his passion for the brand and impressed the audience with HDO lens technology and the Oakley story. Surrounded by water, especially HD-Polarized was a big focus in the trainings.

To make the event round we organized two DJ´s that played latest chill-out sound all over the place, while the guests got some lunch at an unbelievably tasty BBQ. Late in the night, satisfied and stoked about Oakley and their technology, the customers started back for home to bring this spirit to their shops the next morning.


Franz Greiter


July 20, 2010

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