Oakley Costa Rica


Oakley is re-launching sales distribution in Costa Rica with a showroom and sales office located in San Jose, Costa Rica. Oakley-sponsored Pro Downhill Racer, Brian Lopes, made the trek for their launch party, and brought us a brief chronicle of his trip. Check it out:

June 3rd was the launch of Oakley in Costa Rica where I was asked by my good friend, and Oakley’s new marketing person for Costa Rica – Ernesto Fonseca, to make the trip in support of Oakley’s re-launch in Costa Rica as an athlete ambassador for the sport of mountain biking. Without hesitation, I agreed and was looking forward to my first visit to the country.

I was picked up by Ernesto and his brother from the airport and taken back to the family house. In true Oakley fashion, I was treated like family – staying in their home versus a hotel. The first day we visited where the launch party would take place and went to the bike shop I would do a radio show, autograph signing and some filming for a local mountain bike TV show later in the week.

On day two, while Ernesto was working to get the place set up for the night’s festivities, I hooked up with some locals that showed me some downhill trails. The trails were fun and the locals were great to ride with.
Later that night we arrived at the party, and it was pimp. It was a first class event with tons of people and media. After some food and drinks, the introduction to Oakley in Costa Rica kicked off. Ana Maria Carrasco (pictured in the album) is the distributor for Central America and one of the main driving forces behind bringing Oakley into Costa Rica.

Speaking was Marcio Berger from Brazil who is the International Sales Manager for Latin America, another important person in the push to make Oakley a huge success in Costa Rica. Along with both Ana Maria and Marcio were a handful of other Oakley employees to assist in the push, including Raquel Vargas who does marketing out of Venezuela and assisted Ernesto & myself on our media appointments while in Costa Rica.

As you can see from the picture in the album, I was asked by Ernesto to give a speech. Although they wanted it in Spanish, it would have been VERY short and probably wouldn’t have made much sense, so I did it in English. I will say I walked away from Costa Rica wanting to learn Spanish more than ever and have been putting in at least 30min a day studying, so hopefully on my next visit to Central or South America I will know enough to hold some conversations with all of the great people.

The trip was wrapped up with a visit to the beach where I got Ernesto out on a sit down Sea Doo. Aside from doing some fun rides, meeting some great people and enjoying the Oakley launch party, the best part of my visit was going to the beach and getting Ernesto out in the ocean on a sit down Sea Doo. Ernesto has been a great friend to me since we first met 10 years ago and being able to help him have fun and see how much he enjoyed riding the Sea Doo was awesome. Hearing him say, “let’s go faster” reminded me of the days he pushed me to do jumps on my motocross bike that I didn’t want to do. Not sure why I always let him talk me into doing crazy stuff, but I trusted him to know what I was capable of and now he trusted me out there in the ocean to keep him safe. His smile and attitude are true inspiration and couldn’t have dreamed up a better experience with him while there.

Thanks to Oakley Costa Rica and the entire Oakley Central and South America team for a great trip. I’m looking forward to more visits in the future.