Pro Wake Tour gets a Piece of the O Lab


The second stop of the MasterCraft Pro Wake series flashed through Fort Worth Texas with record humidity and once again, it was Oakley’s Nicola Butler who stood atop the podium.

The weekend started off with temperatures nearing the century mark for the qualifying rounds and the red bull kick off party Friday night. Over a thousand people crowded around the newest feature at the Texas MasterCraft cable park, which was the highlight of the evening. A giant 40 ft, Square O, black wall ride blanketed the backdrop of the nighttime festivities. Amateurs and pros from all over lined up to slash Oakley’s added feature. “I really wanted everyone to remember Oakley at the end of the tour stop, and I think the wall ride did that for sure.” Said Local Oakley Rep Brad Melear.

On Saturday, nearly 3500 hundred people gathered along the shoreline to witness the acrobatic spectacle on the water. Fans lined up in the hundreds to meet their favorite Oakley athletes and take home a copy of Push Process and Oakley Uniquely videos. It seemed as if a thousand people ventured in the O Lab to learn about HDO and a little air conditioning too.

The event was super smooth and much larger than last year. The O Lab crew would like to give thanks to Brad, Jack, The Swan, Becca, the Local dude John and of course, Jimmy at Texas MasterCraft for clearing the way for the Lab and helping out in the heat.

See you in Orlando!