Big Day Out Surf


Steamer Lane – the ultimate contest spot, warm and sunny June weather, and waist-to-head high surf. The ingredients were ready. Throw in hungry Santa Cruz Groms, and seasoned pros and you get a full day of progressive surfing. Early morning fog and low tide made for an interesting start. Having to navigate through the exposed rocks to the workable section would have bothered lesser surfers. Steamer Lane locals have no problem with such conditions and things started to improve. The fog began to lift at 10AM and the incoming tide presented constantly improving conditions. The early rounds were dominated by Nat Young, Austin Smith-Ford, and Nic "Supergrom" Hilez. Supergrom ripped the lane apart and was fearless in his approach, crazy for an eight year old. Supergrom and the rest of the Oakley regional team were in full effect and out for respect at the Lane.

In the Pro-Am it was an all-out battle. Eastside vs. Westside, every man for himself, in an attempt to take home $1,000 cash and bragging rights. The battle raged through the afternoon and, one-by-one, the warriors fell until only six remained. Solid head-high sets and only the strongest remaining made for a stacked final.

Twenty minutes and six of the best Santa Cruz locals offers little room for error. The only option is to capitalize on the long right hander. The Mini-Grom was first in the water for the finals and the well overhead conditions were no problem for the Under Ten crew. Big drops and cheers for Cole Walter and Kala Boothman. But, Nic "Supergrom" Hilez stole the show and posted the only ten of the contest.

The Juniors and Boys both featured Oakley’s own. Local ripper Nat Young, who is featured in Surfer Mags Top 100, was 1st in Boys and 3rd in Juniors. Austin Smith-Ford, cover boy and eastside aerial master, tore up the Juniors division final along with Oakley ripper Kyle Bothman. Kyle Theiman rounded out the top four. The women’s division was dominated by Lexi Willson – watch out for her in the future. You can check out almost all of the above-mentioned groms in next week’s NSSA nationals at Lower Trestles.

Throwing a contest at Steamer Lane is a challenge in itself, and keeping the locals off the peak is nearly impossible. Local reps Osh Bartlet and Tim Claydon, with their earned respect from the Local Surf Community and the help of Walt "The Mayor" Jackson (Water Patrol/The WestSide Surf Legend), pulled off this amazing feat.

The Pro-Am had the usual high profile SC pro’s including Barney, Ratboy, Josh Loya, Randy "the Kid" Bonds, Jesse Columbo, Bud Freits, Anthony "Who’s Your Daddy?" Ruffo, NOI K, Peter Garaway, Ryan Agustin and too many more to list. The action flew by and the finals featured a showdown between a couple of guys that know how to win at Steamer Lane. Jason "Ratboy" Collins and Josh Loya have three Cold Water Classics titles between them. Rat looked like he had it with a couple of huge arcing carves finishing off the wave by blasting his patent frontside lien air. When all the smoke cleared it was Josh Loya’s consistent, solid surfing that took the G.

Thanks to everyone for helping to throw such a killer event. Osh and Tim for the hospitality and dedication to have the town on our side and getting the right people involved. Everyone at Oakley, Futures, Ocean and Earth. The Judges, Water Patrol, and especially The Island for his dedication and skills to capture the contest.


  • Nic "Supergrom" Hilez
  • Cole Walter
  • Derek Mather


  • Nat Young
  • Colin Dwyer
  • Miles Clanton


  • Austin Smith-Ford
  • Kyle Buthman
  • Nat Young


  • Lexi Wilson
  • Savannah Shaughnessy
  • Sahara Ray


  • Josh Loya
  • Ratboy
  • Sean Peterson