Oakley Big Day Out Hawaii


What a great turn out for Big Day Out Hawaii, held at Stables, Turtle Bay. The Competition gathered 150 competitors which consisted of a Shop Team event, Open mini, juniors, Boys, and Girls divisions. Waves were 2-3 ft. clean conditions with a light off-shore breeze. Oakley grom squad included Mason Ho, Tanner Hendrickson, Matty Costa, Kekoa Cazimero, Kiron Jabour, Dylan Melamed, and Christobal Del Col. The day consisted of, shreading from the young super stars of tomorrow to the local rippers of today. There was also BBQ’s, games and Oakley’s Dustin Barca dropping by to chill with the groms and sign some posters.

Many outer island competitors showed up for the event as well. Alex Smith, Billy Kemper, Alex King, Haku Makio, Bethany Hamilton, Makai McMichael, Dege O’Connell, Keala Nahe, Lahiki Minaimishhim and Luke Hitchcock. Also attending was Honolulu Advertiser the local newspaper and Freesurf magazine covered the event.

Open mini 10 under

  • Eala Stewart
  • Luke Hitchcock
  • Makai McNamara
  • Koa Smith
  • Austin Vicente
  • Benji Brand

Boys 14 under

  • Alex Smith
  • Haku Makio
  • Ezekial lau
  • Dege O’Connell
  • Evyn Tyndzik
  • Kiron Jabour

Juniors 17 under

  • Alex King
  • Chas Chidester
  • Lance Gruver
  • Mason Ho
  • Kekoa Cazimero
  • Jackson Kane

Girls 17 under

  • Lani Hunter
  • Kallee Krebs
  • Leila Hurst
  • Bethany Hamilton
  • Ashley Hunter
  • Missy Valdez

Shop Team Event

  • Makai McMichael (Pacific Vibration)
  • Kamalu Hawela (Pacific Vibration)
  • Billy Fortier (Barnfeild Raging Isle)
  • Tory Brown (Blue Hawaii)
  • Matt Terte (Surf N Sea)
  • Zak Austin (Blue Hawaii)


Staff Writer


November 13, 2005

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