Rolling O Lab at the Giro d’Italia


The early bird catches the worm! With that in mind we arrived in the beautiful city of Ferrara as the first exhibitors at 04:45 am. Sleepy, but well organized our driver Jan started the assembly of our black monster right in front of the medieval castle. We were happy to place our Lab just 100 meters from the start line, just a few more hours to wait till 198 international cycling heroes would pass the Rolling O Lab.

We spread the message of the Rolling O for weeks prior to event, and equipped with the latest eyewear releases and a super-motivated Italian tech rep, we expected hundreds of curious people. By 08:30 am and after a couple of coffees the square around the O Lab filled with people, and it did not take long until the sound of our latest video vault lured cycling fans and enthusiasts into the lab. Filippo “Machine” Masala and Francesco “Tranka” Trancanelli educated the audience in several 20 min scope presentations while explaining and demonstrating Oakley’s HDO. Great cheers for the high mass impact test, the kids loved it!

By 11 am it was already too hot and too crowded to move, and the O Lab crew had a premium view to the start line. Many pictures had been taken – and suddenly we had Italian cycling star and Oakley athlete Pippo Pozzato taking a seat for more than 15 minutes of non-stop signing and smiling in every camera. People stood in line in and around the O Lab just to shake his hands and wish him all the best for the 14th stage of the Giro d’Italia. And even 30 minutes prior to start, another Oakley cyclist made it to the Rolling O Lab: Carlos Sastre on his bike, equally motivated signing countless shirts, caps and posters.

At 12:30 the race was on, the local crowds cheered ear-deafening to the athletes, ignoring the fact of 28°C outside temperature.

All in all we were happy with this second great presence in Ferrara, the great audience as well as great ambience. Looking forward to the next time!

Many thanks to Marco Baldovin who could negotiate this premium position at the last second, Andrea Mazzotta for his never ending water supply and Giovanni Balestra for getting those great athletes to the O Lab.